Hong Kong Neon / by An Huynh

We are leaving for our Asia trip in exactly two weeks!! Hong Kong is the first stop, and although neon signs are sadly on their way out, I’m looking forward to seeing the impact these lights have left behind and how contemporary signs do their best to imitate neon. I just love the idea that a city can have its own visual language for all the shops and services available. I love the messiness and simultaneous elegance and loudness of neon. The visual aftermath of businesses vying for optimum sign exposure creates some of the most exciting vertical landscapes I have ever seen. Hong Kong’s neon is also highly related to rising costs in cities, public health, and increasing regulations, and the article below talks briefly about that. I am so ready to get lost in this metropolis.

Full article: https://www.1843magazine.com/dispatches/feeling-nostalgic-for-hong-kongs-neon