Coasting on a dream / by An

Instead of being reasonable and flying back home, this summer I decided to take the train from Los Angeles to Seattle. The ride was more beautiful than I imagined, and the 36-hour trip wouldn't be enough to stop me from doing it again in a heartbeat. Here is a collection of snapshots I took with my phone from various points of the trip. They will tell the story better than I can write.

 photo 1353711_10152582928795656_738075334_o_zps1ce49162.jpg
 photo 1232398_10152584332165656_1308902936_n_zpsbe5bfd41.jpg
 photo 1370270_10152582946550656_1793719074_n_zps48577144.jpg
 photo 1372858_10152584328225656_1080305106_n_zps6fa30d14.jpg
 photo 1371994_10152582337675656_1776107337_o_zpse6bb65f9.jpg
 photo 989295_10152584320440656_1724060780_o_zps63d50ebe.jpg
And then the sun began to fall.
 photo 1289873_10152582651625656_475423027_n_zps37aa10f9.jpg
Colors. Colors everywhere.
 photo 1369511_10152582784220656_894316561_o_zpse867c164.jpg
 photo 1352889_10152582816460656_837611619_o_zpsb5d9744f.jpg
 photo 1290059_10152583599165656_1924004431_n_zpsefcf43a4.jpg
I woke up to the sillohette of conifers, the first I had seen in a while. It was a welcoming sight.
 photo 1174330_10152584315025656_978997327_n_zps542efbc6.jpg
Morning has broken.
 photo 1232367_10152583649995656_707641945_n_zps64e5cf10.jpg
 photo 1291699_10152584311185656_1019171919_n_zpsd67121ab.jpg
 photo 1371232_10152584308640656_274751374_n_zps465c1909.jpg
 photo 1305300_10152584336480656_2011222043_n_zps15efb6b3.jpg
 photo 1372102_10152582946725656_542126043_o_zps8f081ebe.jpg
 photo 1372858_10152584483085656_1399156126_n_zpsb1bbb02f.jpg
Once we reached Portland, it began to rain. I couldn't stop smiling.
 photo 962841_10152588364350656_2004802006_n_zps929ef839.jpg
And then I was home.
 photo 1372789_10152585063790656_701696484_n_zps577e5131.jpg
 photo 1371467_10152588364210656_1703951364_n_zps3c74ee6d.jpg

“(...) the train goes fast and is going fast when it crosses a little trestle. You catch the sober, metallic, pure, late-light, unriffled glint of the water between the little banks, under the sky, and see the cow standing in the water upstream near the single leaning willow. And all at once you feel like crying. But the train is going fast, and almost immediately whatever you feel is taken away from you, too.”

- Robert Penn Warren

And just like that, summer is over. Tomorrow is my first official day as a CEPster. 8:30am classes for days... WHERE DID THE FREAKING TIME GO.