"the imperfect process of perfecting a craft" / by An

Every once in a while you come across of body of work that strikes a chord inside you, and all you can do is let the vibrations ripple through your deepest thoughts. Your fears, your dreams, your failures, your triumphs. "Made by Hands" is a short series documenting people who are what they create. They live and breathe their art, and it is very obvious once you watch the videos. It is the same kind of passion and spark that keeps me searching in photography. It's not the kind of drive that can be faked. You just know it when you see it. 

I chose No. 2 The Knife Maker to share with you first because there were several things he spoke about in the video that really resonated with me. This series is about finding your passion. It's about finding a community of people who are as equally driven as you. It's about understanding that it's going to take plain old hard work to get where you want to be. And also knowing that there will be stumbles, scrapes, and scars on the way.