ESRM 315: Old-Growth and Forest Management / by An

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Lake Crescent
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Jerry Franklin himself.
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I spent the past weekend in the Olympic Peninsula in and around the Hoh Rainforest. The class looked at different forest systems, disturbance regimes, and forestry practices. The professor, Jerry Franklin, is a legend in his field. He's been doing this for 60 years and has seen the countless epiphanies that has shaped how society today sees our old-growth forests. It was also nice to actually get to know the people in your class. It's unfortunately all too common to come out of a class at this university without knowing a single classmate, but this field trip provided the perfect opportunities for us to talk and work together. Bonding through hardship, and the constant sheet of rain that came down throughout the 3 days was definitely a formidable opponent for all of us to tackle together. Hooray for forestry friends.