Film Forever / by An

I finally got around to getting the four rolls of film developed from spring break and man, these photos are priceless. It just feels so GOOD to hold real photos in your hands. I love the feeling of straightening out the edges while you flip through the pictures. Or is that just me? I think I'll pick some favorites and tell you some stories. How's that sound?

 photo mory_zps01084904.jpg
These are the wonderful people I got to spend the entire week with. Wouldn't have had it any other way. Somehow, we all have names or nicknames with two letters: Ry, Mo, and An.
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I love being on the coast, and in California especially. Maybe it's the sunshine there. The warmth hits you like no other place on Earth. I don't think I could live anywhere for long that wasn't by the ocean. 
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Mo or Riley being sneaky while I was trying out a shot.
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You never know with disposables.
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Our days revolved around getting water, preparing food, and gathering/drying firewood. It was the most relaxed and peaceful I have ever felt... maybe ever. Even more than Peru. We had all the time in the world. Time to explore, time to think, time to talk. Time to do anything at all, and that was liberating. We woke up when the sun came out, and went to bed when it got dark.
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Everything tastes good when you're camping. Every meal was a feast. One night we had a can of minestrone soup and a can of vegetable soup. We just poured both in a pot and turns out they complemented each other quite well. Then again, everything tastes good when you're camping.
 photo 010_10-2_zpsbce28575.jpg
Ry and Mo sit by the fire with a crossword while my socks and shoes dry over the fire.
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This was one of the very few meals that we had that was prepared by someone else. It was in a little Oregon town called Bandon, right by the coast. We were the only people there younger than 50 maybe... Everyone else were adorable seniors. Call me a romantic, but it seemed like they have been going to the same cafe every morning for years and years. The waitress knew them by name. They all knew each other. It made me think about what my life would be like if I had grown up in a small town.
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 photo 006_6-3_zps06768aa2.jpg
This was where we brushed our teeth. In order to make sure no bears, or anything else, could track down scents, we had to walk a ways away from camp. The rain that came every night would wash away any trace of us having ever been there. I just really love the light in this picture.
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 photo 021_21-2_zpsddae32b6.jpg
This was the road that led into the forest. Both sides were surrounded by fields, farms, and hills. The furry friend you see in the picture trotted past us early in our trek. We thought he was a sheep. He was very wise.
 photo 013_13-2_zpsfdc7424c.jpg
So we forgot to bring matches when we were backpacking. I know, I know... Let's not talk about it. BUT, we managed to get a fire going with Mo's little propane container she brought. Crisis averted. Won't happen again though, I promise.
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chop chop
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trail mix. and I like the light
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1. Tell people to hug so you can take a picture. 
2. Take picture before hug happens.
3. Enjoy picture.
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There are no words.