Everybody (Take Four) and Megan Bernstein / by An

2015 Everybody Every Body Fashion Show ft. Megan Bernstein 

group time

 All colors were created from local plant materials found in the Pacific Northwest

 Carolyn gets her makeup done 

 the one and only Megan Bernstein and her fabulous creations!!

 There's a story behind this face.

When you've got something that happens at the same time each year (birthdays, gatherings, anniversaries, events) you almost always go into reflection mode, whether you want to or not. One of those recurring events in my life, randomly enough, has been the Everybody Every Body Fashion Show. Ever since I shot the show for a Daily photo essay, the event has been a part of my winter quarter ritual since sophomore year. In my junior year, one of my friends was a model for the show so I attended to support her and take pictures. My senior year I was asked to be a model for a new eco-fashion line and ducked out last minute because even though this line was a segment in an event that promoted positive body image, I was deeply disturbed by how traditionally they casted their models and did not want to be a part of that project in any way. 

This year's show was memorable for many reasons, but the biggest reason was that I got to witness a community come together in support of one of their own. Megan is a senior in my program (CEP) and for her senior thesis she is exploring sustainable textiles and low-impact dyeing techniques using natural and locally found plant dyes in the Pacific Northwest. The culmination of her thesis was hand-sewing and hand-dyeing herself seven outfits that were featured in the 2015 Everybody Every Body Fashion show. The models were UW students, many of whom were from our program. Many others from CEP were in the audience cheering Megan and her models on, and I got to take pictures. It was no less than a team effort, and the show was a success.

It was one of those moments where you knew you were a part of something really special. I could be wrong, but it's rare to find yourself a group of people like that: a group that learns and works together and supports each other and is weirdly awesome all the time. It was a privilege to see and be a part of. Of course, the best shows happen backstage no great show goes without a hitch. Let's just say we learned the hard way that squatting and skipping might split some seams. Nevertheless, it was a great showcase of one person's hard work and a community that supports her. Congrats, Megan, on a great show and collection!