CEProfiles: Mural Madness | Jack / by An

A goal I have set for myself for the next two years is to photograph everyone in the CEP junior class. First up, Jack!

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Jack aims to focus on public art administration. 
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We share a love for murals and sketchy alleys. 
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Like this mural on the corner of 50th and The Ave. 
 photo IMG_5784-2_zpsa7c4b9c7.jpg
You never know what you'll find in an alley. Like this weird photo of a couple on canvas that was in a box of unwanted clothes..
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Me: "Jack, what makes you happy?"
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"That cat picture you just showed me."
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It's a keeper.
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There's an audible giggle every time I look at this.
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James Turrel is one of Jack's favorite artists. 
Turrel designs beautiful skyspaces, check them out
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