CEProfiles: Davin / by An

It was a rainy day when Davin had to get his pictures taken, but that wasn't a problem for us at all. He was ready to battle the wind and rain and was even up for a little danger in the streets.

 photo DSC_0520_zpsd3f7d948.jpg
Davin is interested in urban planning, specifically GIS and economic geography. 
 photo DSC_0528_zpse92e35a4.jpg
 photo DSC_0567_zpsfdd2504d.jpg
This was his "Superman" look.
 photo DSC_0587_zpsbb1aca81.jpg
 photo DSC_0601_zps4035c80b.jpg
Then we had the idea to do a jumping photo, and where else but in the middle of the street in the U District?