27. A Public Hearing / by An

As someone who spends a majority of her time in Seattle, I take my public transportation for granted. I strongly believe that public transportation quality can make or break a city. It's what I relied on during my two weeks in Europe, and really anywhere I've traveled. More often than not, the way I feel about a new place is based on how easily I can navigate through its streets. Transportation design and accessibility are incredibly relevant problems in today's urbanizing world, and it's something every region should fiercely investigate. I've spoken about my affinity for the buses multiple times on this blog because I feel a sense of commonality and belonging in these places. They are a city's arteries and veins. Intersection points for humanity. They take us to and from important places, and in between we are reminded that we are a part of a larger, living, breathing system. I don't know how much of a difference we made, but I am glad I was able to support my fellow students and citizens in speaking about the importance of public transportation last week.