37. Cretaceous / by An

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Happy 21st birthday to Alison. I can't believe I met her only 7 months ago.
We are two peas in a pod, two peas in a canoe? Sailboat? Too far?
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Trivia Thursdays at the College Inn with the Burke Museum. I am so glad we discovered this sooner rather than later.
I knew all those years of watching Arthur and Zoboomafoo would pay off. 

There is a familiar theme that keeps popping up today: Sometimes, you have to travel to the most far out places to meet people who are right in your backyard. I have a friend from Tennessee who studies in Seattle for school, only to meet a co-worker and colleague from the same town that he is from, with the same mutual friends. I needed the Peru trip to meet Alison and everybody else in that program that I might have never have met otherwise on campus.

Tonight just felt like a reunion, of strangers who basically felt like family and of "old" friends. I think it goes to show that the length of time you know someone isn't as important as the intensity of experiences you share, and how much effort you are willing to put into that friendship in general, if that makes sense.