7. Coleus / by An

"Focus on the plant, not on me." 
OK Ben.


A woman on the crowded bus home today dropped her phone under her seat. A gentleman sitting next to her offered to get it, essentially having to crawl on the floor and use the Flashlight App on his iPhone to find his neighbor's lost device. What followed was a conversation between the two people and three others around them about Apples and Androids and their technical compatibilities. Just some friendly chitchat amongst strangers. Something that can really only happen in shared spaces like the bus. It was a nice moment to see Seattle come together, if only for a brief moment, in a public space. What is the purpose of a public space, such as a city bus, neighborhood parks, and sidewalks? These places keep me grounded. They remind me of where I fit in the big picture of things. Just something to think about with the looming budget and metro cuts...