Last Bit of Summer, 1 of 2 by An Huynh

These first photos are from northern California and Sequoia National Park.

For someone who was born in SE Asia and lives in the Pacific Northwest, I really hate moisture. So, in an attempt to dodge the first signs of fall, we took off in search of sun for a week in California. I am a desert gal. Life in the desert is magical and I feel invigorated from the warmth, wide open terrain, and extreme conditions. Don’t get me wrong, I do love cozying up in the Seattle falls and winters with some rain outside the window, but deserts to me feel like caffeine to the spirit.

motorbike Love by An Huynh

Given what I’m doing tomorrow, I thought it is appropriate to share these wonderful photos from British photographer Jon Enoch. Motorbikes are the red blood cells on Vietnam’s streets. Their sound and fumes ignite an intense nostalgia in me. They make me long for a place I no longer know. I also have never driven one of these myself… I’ve always either sat in the front when I was little enough or in the back as a passenger, usually with one of my cousins in the front seat.

Photo by Jon Enoch.

Photo by Jon Enoch.

aesthetic af by An Huynh

Hello, world! Here I am. Just dropping by to share two very aesthetic music videos. I think they’re just gorgeous!

Type in Chinatown by An Huynh

What I truly identify with is a simulation of the real thing. I don’t really know “home,” but I know the longing for it, how it manifests through shared signs and symbols: glass jars with salted plum inside, a character in outlined neon that says “Wax.”

For me, at least, this answers the question of whether to use Traditional or Simplified Chinese in our event posters. Full article here: