Morsel / by An

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Third year of college: check.

To commemorate the beginning of summer and the ending of many things, my friend Jordan and I went to Morsel, previously known as Nook, to get us some biscuits and gravy. The coziness that was once Nook is mostly intact, just with the addition of some questionable paintings and an iffy music choice consisting of Top 40 hits. But that's OK. The biscuits are still spectacular.

I've been gone from the blog for so long it seems silly to even try and recap what has happened in the past quarter, let alone the past year. All I can really say that might begin to describe this year is that it keeps getting better and better. I realize it sounds shortsighted now, but I thought things couldn't get any better after Peru. What could possibly trump the experiences I had and the people I met? 

I stepped into Gould 114 the first day of winter quarter knowing that I would enjoy the intro course to the Community, Environment, and Planning (CEP) major, but I had no idea that it would change my life. This class changed the way I approached my education, it changed my attitude about the possibilities after college, and it introduced me to a handful of people who I am lucky to call my friends. They have inspired me, encouraged me to challenge my beliefs, and pushed me completely out of my comfort zone. 

The class pacified my frustrations with the environmental science major and consolidated my desire to find a program that was more attuned to what I wanted from my time at school. Getting accepted into the CEP program was definitely a highlight of my junior year. It means that I will be here for an additional two years instead of one, but it feels so right. There is no way I am letting it go, especially because I know that this is exactly what I wanted and exactly what I needed...

Then a couple of months later, I met another group of people that would, again, change my life. 

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This crazy bunch right here is the Light Green group (aka TOAST) from the 2013 HOBY Leadership Seminar. Over the course of just three and a half days, we laughed, cried, and grew together as a family. I won't even begin to summarize what all went on that magical weekend, but just know that the folks pictured above are some of the most talented, supportive, loyal, driven, entertaining, and inspiring people ever.

They are all going to do great things, so keep your eyes peeled. 

And what's next for the blog? Well, there's no time like the present to get this thing back on its feet. I am going to be working/interning in Seattle this summer and hopefully that means more opportunities to go on jaunts around town. Hopefully some hikes, maybe a train ride, mostly likely a trip down to LA. Who knows what else I come up with, but I am determined to keep this space moving forward!!