13. Matt's Homestyle Hummus / by An

I suggest you make some room in your fridge for this ASAP. So far Matt's Homestyle Hummus has five flavors including chipotle, parsley, parsley/garlic, classic, and ginger, and three new flavors are coming soon, adding sun-dried tomato, roasted red pepper, and green chili to the list. Local ingredients, homemade, and pretty darn delicious. I personally am partial to the chipotle and ginger.

My friends are always up to really cool things. I am always surprised by all the energy and ideas they have, but I really shouldn't be because they are an eclectic group of inspiring and hard-working individuals who are great to be around. While one is making hummus, another friend is making beats. Abi Kalkura currently has a music project called a "Beat a Day" where he creates daily mashups and uploads them to his Soundcloud. The beats are chill, so grab some hummus, turn up the volume, and enjoy the next few minutes of your day.