A Little Perspective / by An

At last! I'm done with finals. The weather was just perfect today right after my exam as if spring was beckoning me. And I am ready for some SUN!

After I got home I plopped onto the couch and watched Aladdin. I had no recollection of what it was even about, just some magic carpets and such. But it was SO GOOD! I might be my favorite so far (and so far I've re-watched Beauty and Beast, Hercules, The Jungle Book...there's more I just can't remember). Re-watching old Disney cartoons are so much fun. You forget how good they were, and you also pick up on things they say that you did not see or understand when you were little.

But back to why I wanted to write a post in the first place. Most of my friends also get done with finals this week, inundating Facebook with "yayyyy spring break!!!!" type of statuses. But I saw two posts one right after the other that made me chuckle.

(the person on the bottom goes to school in california, that's why it's funny)...

Have a super spring break!