hyperurban / by An Huynh

We're starting to plan our trip to East Asia for later this year, and these photos from Michael Wolf didn't help in curbing my excitement. I realized last year that even though the respite in nature and slowing down is always a good thing, I crave city life. After a while away on the road or in the mountains, I start to miss the shuffle and pace of life. That is why this year we decided to go to some of the most urbanized places we could think of: Hong Kong, Tokyo, and Seoul. I am ready for the density, food, and public transportation. 

Check out these photo studies from Michael Wolf. I like how his photos illustrate the size and density of hyper urban places while also being able to hone in on the experience of individuals. His photos are at times overwhelming, at times quirky, and I love them! My favorite studies are architecture of density, 100 x 100, and hong kong break.