The Lost Photos: Jordan / by An

From Umm Qais you could look down from the hills and see The Sea of Galilee, Syria, and Israel.

Touring our very first wastewater treatment plant, just a couple minutes from the Jordan University for Science and Technology.

Hey Ryan.

Always living on the edge, this one.

TEAM RBC!!! (rotating biological contactor)

Shade is a rare. Use it while you can!


See what I mean about using shade?

Later on in the day this amphitheater was the site of a children's dance concert. The stands filled with people from around the area watching, clapping, and singing along. As I watched this celebration I couldn't help but get chills. It's just short of incredible that this space, built roughly 2300 years ago, is still being used for the same purpose that it was intended for. Will anything our generation build last for 2300 years, and if so, will it be used for its original purpose? It's crazy!

There are still tiles here. HOW. WOW.

The door to the mausoleum was locked...

But the hole next to it wasn't! We found a dead dog...