1. CEP Graduation / by An

Welcome to the 2014 graduation ceremony, CEP edition: when people actually know each other well enough to introduce each other, when salads are made in wheelbarrows, and when the clean up effort feels a little too much like High School Musical.

We're going to miss Caitlin like no other. She's been the absolute best program manager we could ever ask for, and Quad Learning is so damn lucky to have her as their new Program Director. Congrats, Caitlin!

 Still waiting for the day Billy busts out his rapping skills for the world to see...

 If that mural looks familiar, that's because it is! 
We brought back our creation from the CEP Fall Retreat.

 Hi Megan.

 Vera and Delo rehearse for their big moment singing "For Good" from the musical Wicked. And I didn't cry!!

Such coordination.

Always ready.

 Chris Campbell, our program director, speaks to the senior class before they take their walk out.

 Chris, looking puzzled, receives a gift.

 James Keblas, CEP alumni and do-er of many things, shares some wisdom with the graduating class.

 Strategically placed beer and wine cups.

And then there was the clean up/after party/Gould sing-along, which I will leave to your imagination... : )