5. Just Swing It / by An

I didn't get the shot I wanted because I was on my way to a meeting. Next time, I'll get the shot I want and be late to the meeting instead.

The first week of spring quarter has come and gone.  How am I already nearing the end of my second year of college?  Sometimes, time really does fly.  But it keeps getting better and better! The schedules are busier, the obstacles are harder, and the risks are greater, but with that comes greater satisfaction with your work and so many wonderful friendships made along the way.  Surely, things can't keep their upward climb forever, but who's looking down?  

There have been some changes at the Daily.  I'm no longer a newbie, even though sometimes I still have no clue what I'm doing, haha.  We've essentially doubled the photo staff, which means more people will be available to take assignments, but it also means less assignments for each person.  I was going to try and dedicate more time to photo this quarter, but with the increased staff count, that will be harder said than done.  Photo assignments used to be neglected for days on end; now they're getting picked up within the first 5 minutes of the email being sent.  Amazing.  Almost miraculous.

This quarter is going to be great.  Look forward to at least one in-depth photo post about my biology field trip.  I'm still deciding whether I want to go to an old-growth forest, hike Little Si, or perhaps even stay overnight in the San Juans, but that will definitely happen sometime this quarter.  And hopefully, if I can find a story that is visually appealing enough, I want to get one last photo essay published before the summer.  

Let me know if you have cool stories that are dying to be told!  Bonus points if the story is visually compelling!

Notable things happen everyday.  Sometimes, it's just luck that leads you to a worthwhile story, but most of the time, it's a matter putting yourself out there, staying curious, asking questions, and being receptive to all that happens.