19. Lions and dragons, oh my. / by An

It's monday and I'm not dead tired? I must have adapted to the lack of sleep, or it could be that my first photo essay printed today! Well, I won't consider it a full photo essay, since it's not the usual two pages, but that was a formatting issue that was out of my hands. My original plan had around 6-7 photos for a two page spread, so when I was told we had to cut it down to 4 photos I admit, I had a little panic attack. Nevertheless, what's done is done, and my goal to get a photo essay published before the end of the year is complete. But of course, there's always some other setback that stopped me from fully celebrating. The caption underneath the bottom left picture should read two "lions," not "dragons." How many times have I seen these things in my life? Enough to know they're lions. I knew my carelessness would come back and bite me one day, but why did it have to be today?? Oh well. Learn from your mistakes. Life goes on.


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