Looper / by An

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The hills are freaking alive.
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My friend Bry is currently on a solo three-week hiking trip on the Pacific Crest Trail. I was pleasantly surprised when the Naches Loop Trail my family chose to do last weekend was part of the PCT. This one's for you Bry!  photo DSC_0158_zpsc0c53c9a.jpg
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I like the flowers, I like the daffodils. 
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Reminiscent of Peru on our way to and from Wayqecha
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I've turned my parents into photographers...?
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aaand then we saw the mountain. 
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The Naches Loop was a strikingly beautiful hike. Super accessible, super easy. It really doesn't take a lot of effort for anyone around here to get some killer views of our glorious Mt. Rainier. The lakes and small ponds are what made the hike for me though. Most of the ponds we passed are so small and change regularly with the seasons that they don't even have names. Beware this also means there's an annoyingly large chance that you'll get attacked by mosquitos at any given time. Still totally worth it!