Summer At Its Finest / by An

 photo DSC_0865_zpsbc00b915.jpg
There was some biking this day, to say the least.
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Mmmmm. Perfect.
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 photo DSC_0777_zpsaacd6065.jpg
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Rock on Dan.
 photo DSC_0823_zps62c9ad04.jpg
Never shot sailing before. This was fun! Main problem: where the heck do I put the horizon??
 photo DSC_0881_zps6dbd1c5d.jpg
Apparently my friend Riley is a bike model.
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 photo DSC_0874_zps6df259ae.jpg
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So. Much. Sushi.
 photo DSC_0896_zps0d34be43.jpg

Bike - climb - bike - kayak - sail - bike - sushi - bike - movie - bike - crash.

This was one of those days when you just felt alive.