Three for Six / by An

It was a good day when Jordan came to visit.

 photo DSC_0496-2_zps4470963d.jpg
We had big plans for this day. It was an adventure a couple months in the making.
 photo DSC_0506-2_zpsb23a1bd1.jpg
There were plans to hit up the Starbucks on top of the Columbia Tower. We get there and it's closed. 0/1
 photo DSC_0503-2_zpsfe0b5f6e.jpg
We decide to get food at a supposedly really good sandwich place in Pioneer Square. It's also closed. 0/2
 photo DSC_0507-2_zps136c402a.jpg
Walking around Seattle a little aimless and discouraged, we happen to stumble upon Trabant. I had no idea there was another one outside the U-District. 1/3
 photo DSC_0510-2_zps1afcac3a.jpg
Comforted by coffee, and a little more coherant, we decided our next destination would be The Wandering Goose a.k.a. the ultimate comfort food brunch spot. 2/4
 photo DSC_0512-2_zpsae9338d7.jpg
Breakfast was delightful. Just what we needed. The Bullitt Center (the world's greenest commercial building) wasn't too far away, so we eagerly hopped on the bus (but only after we sang some Christmas carols at the bus stop). The Bullitt Center was closed. 2/5

Feeling discouraged once again, and a little perplexed with our luck (or lack thereof), we duck into a Trader Joe's to look for free samples. This was successful. 3/6. Three for six.

It was the best worst day! Exploring the city with these folks is always a good time, even if your success rate is only 50%. But for future plans, it's probably useful to note that Seattle apparently likes to sleep in on Saturday mornings.