35. Portrait / by An


A portrait has so much more meaning when you get to know who you are photographing. I picked up this assignment without knowing much about the story, so as a safety net, I had a plan in my head of how I thought the interview and photoshoot was supposed to happen.

And like always, nothing happens as expected. Haha. It was a good turn of events this time though, and I learned a lot.

These two are volunteers from Stand With Us, an international organization that aims to inform the community about the disparities between how the world perceives Israel and what is actually going on inside. It was humbling to hear about their combat and volunteer experiences and stories about lost loved ones. Today was one of those days where I realized how privileged I am to get a chance to talk to people like this through my job, and getting to share what I see with everyone else.

This portrait turned out alright. Could be better. I took some other shots that are closer up, but I kinda like this one because of the space around them. I think it's time I gather a bunch of my friends and make them be my models for an hour or two while I practice shooting portraits. So if you're reading this, friends, I suggest you prepare yourselves :D .